No Marriage Is Perfect
04/06/2022 09:56 in Music

No marriage is perfect, as a couple we have to learn from our mistakes and use the mistakes as stepping stone to successful marriage. Everything in life comes with choices, even choosing your spouse is a choice. Because God bless and ordained marriage between a man and a woman, it's your choice to work on marriage every day. When life happens, you choose to go through ups and downs with your spouse. You choose to make your marriage work, and choose whether or not Jesus Christ will be a part of your marriage. I don't blame my wife when we have diffences, I choose to find a solution for our differences and make it work. Marriage is not about sunshine and happiness all the time, when storms comes, I choose to open an umbrella and cover both of us. Never say anything negative about your spouse, always cover her/him, storms only last for a while.

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