Lynette Dutton
03/31/2022 22:27 in News

There’s a new generation of Kingdom Builders arising, following the voice of the Lord to go a way they haven’t been before. 


For a new generation of builders to arise a new generation of Kingdom Architects must be ready to draw out blueprints from Heaven. 


God’s calling His Apostolic & Prophetic people to awake, arise and build. He’s calling those that have never built before , but He’s also calling those that have built in previous seasons who thought this was their season of rest & retirement.  


In this season the strength of the young and the wisdom of the mature will come together following the Word & Holy Spirit to build with God to bring reformation. 


Joshua 3:4 NLT “Since you have never traveled this way before, they will guide you.”


Let’s all lean into what the Holy Spirit is saying and doing in the NOW!

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