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Dr. Faith wokoma
04/10/2022 03:36 in News

Now, I know I shared a few of these with you last week, but here is another reminder of a few fun facts concerning dreams..


1. They are not always literal. Most of the time there is a meaning behind a meaning. Be sure to pray for wisdom before taking any dream at face value.

2. Be mindful that just because you see a person in a dream, it doesn’t mean that the dream is about them. Sometimes they can represent a personality type or a particular group of people. Again, being prayer before interpreting (and as you are interpreting) is key.

3. There is no universal symbol for all dreams. Everyone has different meanings for symbols depending on the content that they’ve been exposed to. For one person, a tree may mean life but for another, it could mean fear because of a bad experience they had with a tree growing up. Context and experience matters. It’s important to get clarity from the Holy Spirit on what is being communicated. 


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