Nicckay Natson Broadcast
In this hour God is dealing with the five fold ministry and shifting leaders into the original position and place he called them into. There are many people that carry titles that heaven did not endorse. Don’t be shocked when you see Prophet So In So now Evangelist So In So or the Bishop as Doctor, the Apostle as Pastor and so on. The Holy Spirit is having them drop them titles and reset the sail of their life and take them off of a perverted course into the path of righteousness where the steps of a good man is being ordered by him. You can’t carry what you haven’t been mantled for. It will wear you out in some cases kill you. Why because He loves us and plus the steps of a person on a perverted destiny will never be right or led by the Spirit God. The tide has turn kingdom order is being established. Kingdom men are coming forth the spirit of Herod is being dismantled in the earth. The vises of the enemy has broken from off of our men. Where you see Prophets pastoring churches it will be a shift in that as well. That’s a Pastors job. God is setting kingdom order You will see many things re-established in this earth.

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